If your tickets are designated to be a "Paperless Delivery", that means that the tickets are associated with the original card that was used to purchase the tickets. 

If the tickets were purchased using a credit card, rather than a gift card, we will set up the location to meet the seller at the venue so that they will be able to present their credit card to allow you and the other customers in to the event.

If the tickets were purchasing using a prepaid gift card, this card will then be shipped to you or will be available to be picked up at the venue on the day of the event. The attendants at the venue will then pull up the ticket information by swiping the card and you will be able to enter in to the event. Please remember that there will be no balance on this gift card and it can be disposed after the event.

For both types of Paperless Delivery, everyone in your party will need to enter in to the event at the exact same time as all tickets are on one card. You will also be given a printout that will include the section, row, and seat numbers so that you can find your seats once you get in to the event.